Monday, 18 October 2010


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I see sunshine!

I'm starting to see some sunshine after all! Still some troubles with the skating...but otherwise it's getting beeeetter! (^O^)

Now I'm free from school until monday! yay!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

it really bugs me

I'm just so confused and frustrated right now....

what should I believe in?

sometimes I wish answers were written right in front of me...

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Happy Birthday myself!

So this day came, when I grow one year older than yesterday.

This day began with a movie at the university. It was early in the morning, I hadn't slept so many hours, so I was kinda tired. We were going to watch a movie, Lost Highway, by David Lynch. I had no idea about what this movie was about, I didn't had time to read a summary about it. So I just sat and watched, but since the beginning to the very end, it was so creepy and scary all the time, so from time to time I was just awake like anytime. I hate thrillers and creepy movies. I just sat there and wished it to end as fast as it could. Thanks to being tired, the movie haven't imprinted inside my head as strong as it usually does when I watch a movie. Hopefully I won't think about the movie later on. I hope...otherwise, I won't be able to go outside with the dog in the middle of the night... It would be so scary when my thoughts goes back to that movie...
The movie have so strong sound effects, that the sound made the whole thing 5 times scarier than it would've been without the creepy sounds.

Anyway, after that we already ended that day, so I went to go shopping for a while. I found some good leggings, since I don't own a single one. And two pairs of brand new gloves for the ice rink! At last!
So I'll take one of the brand new gloves tonight when I go to work in the ice rink.

And now I have to write a short summary, or experience of the first movie we saw, Fahrenheit 451. I've started, not so good thou, but it's something anyway. But it's like nothing inside my head now, since I'm so sleepy. I think I should take a nap for some minutes...

Monday, 28 June 2010

Bulgaria, Istanbul, etc...

Well well well, it's been a long time since last time. I'm quite bad at updating here... I'm terribly sorry.

I can tell that the driver's licence test is delayed until August, because my driver teacher didn't want me to do the test when I was up in north...
But now I got time to practice enough before the test. If I fail, I will have to redo both the driving test and the theory test..... so I have to make it.

Now I'm in Bulgaria with two friends. We've been here since 14th June. We've done many things together and it's been fun! (^^)
This weekend, we were travelling to Istanbul with a charter bus. The guide is a friend of my dad's. The trip to Istanbul wasn't good, since the guide was talking non-stop during the most of the trip. But the city itself was so awesome!!
The streets were really good, no holes or anything bad like in Bulgaria, no garbage on the street sides. But the people on the streets were like 90% men or more...!!

We went to the biggest tourist attractions together with the charter group and the bus. That was good because otherwise, you would never be able to go to the places on your own. The city is incredibly big and you get lost even if you have a map. But I'll definitely visit the city again one day, because three days were too short to be there.

Something we weren't prepared for was how many people were talking to us on the streets. My dad and cousins told us that people can come and talk with us, wants us to come for a coffee or something, mostly dangerous situations and so on. But that people would talk to us every single meter was unexpectedly.
But we prepared us the second time we were going out in the city, and it felt much better. Kinda good too, because you don't get the attention in other countries, but here people were talking all the time. Maybe because we were looking differently, or maybe because we were girls from somewhere else.

It was a great weekend and I'm happy we choose to go, even if there were times you wanted to smash something (when we travelled with the bus and not getting any rest because the guide was talking nonstop). But it was a good introduction of the city. Now we'll know what we want to do when we go there next time (^_^)

Now we got only two days left in Bulgaria, after that, a long and boring summer will continue, since I don't have any summer job or going elsewhere...

Friday, 14 May 2010

I almost forgot. No, I DID forget.

May month came so fast, I forgot to turn the next page of GLAY calendar... *shamed*

It's not that I've been busy or something. It's been the opposite, I've got nothing to do. The practices have been few, and I wasn't scheduled to coach all the few practices either. So it's been boring. Every time I step on the ice, I've got my head full of exercises I want to try, and when I've got too many in my head, some good ones gets forgotten. Yes, I know, I can write them down, the problem is, when I invent them in my head, I often do other things, or are in a different place, or listen to music. So I just don't have the chance to write them down. But also because I'm lazy to write them down... But I bet that if I wrote down each exercise I come up with, I would have at least a half notebook full of them.

I'm also waiting for the vacation I'm gonna go to with two friends. I don't know why, but I've been longing to go to that vacation now. Maybe because I'm bored? Or maybe because I just want to get somewhere else? I don't know. But there's sure something.

Well, honestly I don't have much more to write. So I think I'll stop here.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Prince